How the Panoramic Pictures are Corrected

Image editing software gets better and better with every year. In this small article I show you how I correct distorted panorama pictures.

This is the final panoramic picture created from several single photos. In Adobe Photoshop (CS6), there is a nice tool called "Adaptive Wide Angle".

I can draw lines into the picture and specify for each line how they should look on the final image. For example the pink lines in the left picture are straight vertical lines.

The green lines I drew and adjusted the angle to fix the orientation of the ground.

With the blue rectanges I specify that this are rectangular shapes which shall look rectangular on the final image.



When all this corrections are applied to the image, everything looks different. The lines are straight and the perspective looks different.

The next step is cropping the picture.


After cropping the picture looks alreay very nice, except for the huge gap in the sky on the top right corner.

I select the gap and fill the area with the "Content Aware" fill. This automatically looks for matching patterns in the photo, which are used in advance to fill the gap.

The final result after filling the gap in the sky.

If you are not know where to look, you will not notice the fixed sky.