The randomness of pencil strokes or the expression in a swung ink line, both give drawings life and charisma.

I like to draw with a pencil on paper, but also with a pen on a digital tablet. Both worlds have it benefits and disadvantages.

Some of the drawings on this page express a sad mood. This because the crisp black and white images are very suitable to produce this sad drawings.

There is a category “comics” with drawings of a more cheerfully nature.

These are really old drawings I did in the art school.

This one is called “Francesco has a no day”

The first two images are drawn with pencil on paper, the last two are made fully digital.

Used Software and Hardware

I use a Wacom Cintiq 21UX as tablet for drawing.

For ink artwork I use Manga Studio EX, which has a perfect workflow built in to create comic like artwork with ink, screen tones or colors.

For sketching I use Sketch Book Pro from Autodesk.