Art and Design

Creating new art is some deep urge which is driving my life. Traditionally with pencil or paint on paper or digitally with a tablet, this doesn't matter for me.

At the end the result is what matters, neither the used tools nor the medium. There is no much sense in art which isn't visible, which favours the digital approach which leads to a much bigger audience.

In this section I show a few paintings I created. Some of them are done with acrylic paint on canvas, and others are creates fully digital.

Pencil and ink drawings let you work out pictures with random looking lines. I like this effect, when the final picture slowly appears on the paper.

Probably, I should had added this in the “Drawings” section of this site. But for me, this is quite different from classic drawings. In comic art I focus on clear lines and reduce the images to get the best effect.

A while I created small animations with a software for the portable game console Nintendo DSi. I present a small selection of those on this page.